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Colorado College, S.R.I.C.F., was chartered with a ceremony of consecration at 1370 Grant St, Denver, on 15 February 1936, by Dr. William Mosley Brown IXº, Deputy Supreme Magus of the High Council and Chief Adept of Virginia College.

Colorado College was the seventh College of masonic Rosicrucians founded in the United States.

According to Dr. William Robert Woodman IXº, Supreme Magus of the S.R.I.A., the Order is "essentially a Christian Order, and its members are selected from among those who have already entered the Masonic Brotherhood, and who have learned the true meaning of squares, levels and perpendiculars..." Clavicula Rosicruciana Vol. I.

Dedicated to the study of esoteric knowledge, membership is for Master Masons by invitation only.

A maximum of 72 members is allowed.

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